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We all know that moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Whether you’re up or downsizing, relocating, or just fancy a change of scenery, a secure self-storage facility can make the moving process so much easier and Tyneside Self Storage will tell you how.

  • Steps to take before putting your house up for sale.

An important step prior to moving house is to unclutter your current home. Think less Hoarders, more Marie Kondo – or even just a little in-between. A tidy home can often mean a tidy sale price. Decluttering immediately improves the appearance of your house, offering prospective buyers a canvas that they can work with. Using a self-storage facility in advance can rid you and your buyers of any unexpected surprises, we’re not saying dump your life’s possessions – just hide them and hide them well in a secure place ready to unpack in your new abode. So basically, Tyneside Self Storage can help you achieve an increased sales price, a quicker sale, and a lot less stress – we’re geniuses!

  • Renting or staying with relatives before you complete your sale?

Sometimes moving house doesn’t always go to plan (it’s not called the most stressful time for nothing!) and you may just find yourself stuck “between houses”. You might secure a buyer but you can’t find your ideal crib, or you have but the owners haven’t found theirs, or they have but…you get the picture. Or what if you’re looking to save on your eye-watering rental payments before you slap a deposit down on your first home? Either way, the chances of people shacking up with relatives is at an all-time high. Grab your belongings and head to Tyneside Self Storage where we will store everything in our super-secure self-storage facility. If you’re moving back with the rents, you might want to rethink bringing the cross trainer and canoe!

  • An unplanned problem on moving day.

When moving house, timing is important and sometimes it doesn’t all go to plan, which can cause a major headache. This is the case if you’re buying and there is a chain. There could be an issue with the mortgage approvals going through or removal companies turning up at the wrong address, this could cause you to reach for the aspirin!

Having a plan B could be key. Using a storage unit from Tyneside Self Storage can allow you to chuck all your stuff away, while you wait.

  • You may want to unpack slowly.

It’s perfectly understandable that when you move home, you will want everything sorted ASAP. But taking your time to chill and to unpack everything slowly could be an advantage, as it will allow you to sort everything out at your own pace. This will help with not over cluttering your new home. This could be your free pass to eating plenty takeaways in this time but using the storage units available at Tyneside Self Storage can give you much more control in a very stressful situation.

  • Your new home may need renovations/redecorating.

If you don’t want all your belongings covered in dust and paint when you are redecorating, using Tyneside Self Storage can prove a canny choice. This is because you may be planning on painting, fitting new carpets or knocking rooms through, straight away when you get your hands on the property. So by just taking the essentials you need when you first move in and to just hold everything else in storage while the work gets complete. This will keep your other items safe and sound until your jobs are done.

  • Overview

Overall, making use of a self-storage unit at Tyneside Self Storage is an excellent idea at any stage of the moving process. By keeping larger items stored away, you can get organised in preparation for the move, free up space in your home making it appear more spacious and less cluttered, to increase your chances of a sale, reduce the stress on moving day and settle into your new home easily after renovating or decorating the property. If you live anywhere throughout North Tyneside using us could be the ideal solution for you. We are based in North Shields, very close to both Colbalt Business Park and Silverlink Shopping Centre, so we look forward to seeing you soon.

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